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My Journey

When I tell my story to other women lawyers, they often tell me it sounds a lot like theirs. I’m a high-achieving woman, who studied hard, worked even harder, and thought that’s what it took to get what I wanted in life. At first, I made money—a whole lot of it. But, eventually, I wound up burned out; emotionally, physically and financially bankrupt; and on the brink of divorce. When that happened, I knew I needed to make a change.

My journey of self-discovery led me to solutions, and a life of joy, fulfillment and abundance I could never have imagined. That’s the path I walk today, teaching others along the way. One thing I know for sure: You can have wealth and a life you love. And, there’s also a way to wealth without sacrificing yourself to the alter of your career. You have the power to choose the life you truly desire and you are entitled to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. I’ve done it; so can you.

My Philosophy

Wealth, prosperity and abundance is our birthright, and the Universe is set-up for our success. It’s our job to get out of our own way.

You, my sister, do not lack the prosperity you desire because you are not worthy enough, are not working hard enough, or are doing something “wrong.” You simply may need more clarity and guidance to help you cut through all the noise so you can make the best decisions, in the right order, at the right time, until you gain the specific skills, confidence and CEO mindset required to run a million-dollar firm.

That’s why I help women law firm owners just like you transform into CEOs of high-impact, wealth-generating businesses while creating a lifestyle you love.

Davina, I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how I am doing today. We had some sessions about a year ago and the things in my life that have turned around are pretty amazing.

Since last we spoke, I have increased my hourly rate and really valued my time. I took the time to find the right fit in hiring. I have hired two new attorneys and have shared values. It’s formed a strong team.

Additionally, some of the marketing strategies we discussed (and significantly increasing our retainer), and I implemented, resulted in business really flowing.

I just wanted to thank you because talking with you really helped me to hone in and focus on some changed to make in strategy. If you have any other 6-month planning sessions, please let me know. That was super helpful!
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Katherine Mazaheri Franze, Esq.

Mazaheri Law Firm

My Purpose is Your Purpose

Above all else, my purpose is to help women attorneys who own their own law firms to create wealth beyond their wildest dreams while also creating a life they love. You see, I do not think the two are mutually exclusive. I do not think you must sacrifice one for the other. I do think we, as women, can have it all. And it is my heartfelt belief, that now, more than ever, it is time for us to take our seat at any table we so desire. Without apology.


The more women of wealth there are in this world, the greater the impact. This planet needs more wealth in the hands of intelligent, educated women. We need you to fully step into your purpose. Your time is now.





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