In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I welcome Sam Mollaei, Founder and CEO of Mollaei Law and Legal Funnel. Sam’s mission is to help you get more clients and automate your own dream virtual law firm.

In 2015, Sam decided to quit his law firm job and start a virtual law firm. Like most lawyers, he struggled to get clients consistently until he learned about ClickFunnels. That’s when he built his first sales funnel, changing his law firm and his life forever. Now, he runs multiple 7-figure automated virtual law firms from his house while serving hundreds of clients a month. Sam has also built a team of 80+ virtual assistants who help him operate his businesses so he can spend his valuable time solving his clients’ problems. Ready to learn his entrepreneurship secrets?

Listen in as Sam and I discuss…

  • Why Sam chose to hire freelance VA’s for his virtual law firms
  • How to overcome the #1 challenge in growing and automating a virtual law firm in 2022
  • Tips and advice for optimizing your social media marketing and content creation on Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • How to prevent yourself from becoming the bottleneck in your own pipeline
  • Successfully maintaining confidentiality between attorneys, clients, and contractors
  • 3 secrets for hiring staff without having to interview them
  • And much more!

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