“I’ve got this great idea!”

Entrepreneurs got lots of them.

Ideas for books we’d like to write.

Or programs we’d like to teach.

Or virtual businesses we’d like to start.

Or podcasts, YouTube channels and speaking side-gigs.

Power moves we’d like to make.

And then there’s the multi-million-dollar-law-practices-that-run-themselves-while-we-sit-on-the-beach-in-our-bikinis-sipping-boat-drinks great idea.

I chat with entrepreneurs all day, every day, and I hear all kinds of great ideas. And most of the people who share them with me are mad-accomplished, go-getter women with multiple degrees, a business they’ve created from scratch, a couple of offspring, and more than a few obligations. They’ve organized their cases, their clients, and their children, but when it comes to their own dreams, they can’t quite seem to cut through the mental chaos to get anything done. Why? Because they are overloaded, overworked, and overwhelmed. They forget life is about more than surviving (and keeping everyone else alive); it’s about thriving.

So they put themselves on hold. They live in a fantasy world of “one day.”

“One day, I’m going to write my book/start my podcast/set-up my YouTube Channel/start speaking.”

“One day, I’m going to set up my business in a way that allows me to take three big vacations a year.”

“One day, I’m going to finally going to take action on my ‘great idea.’”

“One day, I’m going to do something I’d really love to do with my life.”

“One day, I’m going to finally make time for me…”

What if, instead of one day, we formulated a plan to start TO-DAY working on making some of those dreams come true? What would it take for you to stop resisting and start allowing more time and space in your life for your dreams? For more joy? For you?

Great ideas, alone, never helped anyone. But like a river cuts through a canyon, persistent, consistent action on your big idea could alter the landscape of your life in a magnificent and heretofore unimaginable way.

If you are ready to consider other possibilities and would like to talk about how we may be able to help, let’s chat.



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