Laser Coaching and Strategy Session

Do you feel stuck struggling to resolve a particular issue in your law firm? Maybe you have to fire an employee, or you’re thinking about partnering with another attorney. Maybe you’re trying to decide on a specific marketing campaign. Or maybe you are just stressing out and feeling overwhelmed about your business and need to talk it through.

You’d talk to a spouse, but that would only worry him or her. Besides, they wouldn’t really understand, having never been in your shoes–a business owner with big plans. You’d talk with a colleague but you don’t want them to know the inner workings of your business. What you really want is professional advice from someone who has been there, done that.

The Laser Coaching and Strategy session is for those women law firm owners who need help resolving a specific issue that’s holding them back from moving forward in their business. It’s a paid, one-hour confidential conversation with Davina. Because, sometimes, you just need a brainstorming session, some good advice, and a resolution so you can continue to move forward.

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