In the second of our three-part series focused on The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Total Ease, we discuss developing your law firm’s brand message including:

  • How to articulate your value
  • Crafting your message
  • Creating a content plan with ease
  • And much more!

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Davina Frederick: Welcome to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast. We believe all women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers. Our mission is to provide thought provoking, powerful and practical information to help you in creating your own sustainable wealth generating law firm without overwork or overwhelm, so you can live your best life. I’m your host, Davina Frederick.

And today we’re going to be doing something a little different than what we normally do on the podcast, where we interview experts and other women law firm owners. And instead, I created this special three part series. I’ve already released the first part, this is the second part, sharing with you information for my brand new book, The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age, 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients With Total Ease. So in the first episode, I share with you the first three actions to take. And that was identifying your ideal client, clarifying the problem you solve and locating those ideal clients. 

Today, I want to share the next three actions to take as you develop your marketing plan, and get ready to put your marketing message out to prospective clients. So the next three actions, number four, action number four is articulate your value. So this is really all around these three actions are around developing your brand message. Because you’ve done that deep work and thought work and research into identifying your ideal client, clarify the problem you solve and locating those clients. Now we’re going to be communicating with those clients. 

And we’re going to be putting out there information about our law firm and what makes our law firm different and listen, and telling them why we would be the best attorney for them. And so as we’re putting that brand message out there, we need to make sure that that brand message is so powerful and so compelling, that they will instantly know that we are the best attorney for them. So we’re going to take all of this knowledge information we’ve accumulated about them. And then we’re going to in this next part, we’re going to articulate our value. And before we can do that, we need to get really clear on what that is. 

So we need to identify our unique value, what sets us apart from other attorneys who may offer similar services, right to a similar audience. And this can be really tricky, I found for a lot of lawyers and law firm owners, because we think well, you know, we offer really good services, we’re really good lawyers, and we are smart. And we know, we know this area of practice we’re experienced. And these are the things that we just sort of naturally gravitate to, I often hear or read widely good attorney sites that were collaborative, or where we offer aggressive representation, or, you know, we’re not afraid to litigate these kinds of typical ideas. 

But what we what I do in this section of book is I help you to dig a little deeper and really get clear on what your unique value is. And this big, this is informed not only by you a your personality, if you’re a small, firm and a solo. But your firm culture as well, and your team. So the more when you’re starting out, you’re solo, it’s really going to be informed by what your values are, what your core values are, as you grow, and you start adding team members, you’re going to start really looking at what the core values of your whole firm are, and how that is going to inform your message. 

I really recommend starting with your why. And I go into that in detail in the book. This is something if you have read Simon Sinek’s book or you’ve seen his very popular TED Talk, then you’re probably very familiar with the Golden Circle and starting with why. But I go into it in the book, and really help you as a law firm owner, try to get clear on why it is that you do what you do. And it’s not about looking at it from the standpoint of, you know, I really love litigation. And so that’s why I’m a litigator. It’s really about looking at it from a larger perspective of why I serve people in this way. And I give you an exercise to walk through that in the book. 

Also, action number five, we’re going to talk about action number five is really crafting your message. And that’s once you dig into your unique value. And you start off your why and you get clear on the core values and the core values of your firm. Then the next step, action five is going to be crafting your message. So what is your marketing message? How am I going to communicate the value that I provide in that differentiator that sets me apart from other law firms. My law firm apart from other law firms. And how am I going to say it in a way that is going to help my clients understand what it is that I provide, and how I provide it in a way that is unique? And how am I going to say it in a way that’s pithy and easy to understand and clear. So that’s that that’s the second action for this brand message section. It’s action number five in the book. 

Action number six in the book, is creating our content plan. Now I go a little deeper in creating your content plan in the book, because I find that this is where a lot of women law firm owners struggle. And part of the reason why the law firm owners struggle with the content plan is they haven’t done this pre work. So the pre work, all this stuff that I said up until now leads up to creating your content plan and getting your message out there through content. So that could be through emails, marketing, it could be through social media, which is the most common. It could be through podcasting. It could be through webinars, any platform out there where that you know, your clients are engaging in and using and where they go when they’re looking for recommendations for an attorney, and like the service like you, and the services you provide. 

So this really is about this is a step by step plan on how to create content. And I give you a content marketing plan model that you can use right here in the book. And this will help you as you’re creating your own, including 10 questions to answer before you post. So this section is really beefy. And it helps you if you’re sitting there feeling like you’re constantly, you know, having to prepare content. And it’s not leaving a lot of time to do your legal work, and you don’t really know what to say or what to do. So you wind up not doing videos or, or whatever it is right? That this will really help you get clear on it. Because understand your job is the strategy of your marketing. It’s really about what is what makes us different. And what strategy we’re going to choose to get out there. And let clients know that we’re available to help and work with them. 

You should not be doing the detailed work. This is not should not be something where you are creating, you know, on Canva, making memes, and putting it out there on some app on your phone. And making memes putting it out, it should not be something ad hoc that you do. This is something that you you set aside time to work with your digital marketers to make sure to ensure that they are executing on the strategy that you have come up with. As your firm grows and gets larger and larger, you may actually wind up hiring someone to to help develop the strategy for you on your behalf. So they would work with you but they will do the work of creating the strategy. But until you get to the point where your firm has scaled to a size where you can do that this is something that you would do but it should not be so time consuming, that it feels overwhelming for you. 

And so I really break it down for you in the book on how to create your content plan with ease and then outsource that to a marketing digital marketing company or a marketing coordinator you can hire somebody in house or part time for a virtual marketing coordinator who can help you you may actually want to hire multiple people for different channels. So these next three these three actions will really help you develop your brand message and start getting it out there so that your ideal clients who we’ve identified in the last episode are really clamoring to hire you and to work with you and you get to pick from them as who you would like to serve right? 

So again, this is Davina Frederick with Wealthy Woman Lawyer and the book if you want to get your free copy it is The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients With Total Ease. If you go to that’s That link will be in the show notes. You can click on that and you can get a free copy. The reason that I’m giving it away for free for a limited time is because I want to get this in the hands of as many women law firm owners as possible. 

My goal is to help you get those clients that you really enjoy working with. So you can really enjoy the work that you do in your law firm, and create the kind of revenue that you want to create in your life and in your business. The more resources you have, the more options you have. And it begins with attracting those ideal clients, those people that are not only going to pay you in full for what you what you require for your services, but who are going to do so happily, because they really know that you are the best law firm to represent them. So again, it’s to get your free copy of the Wealthy Women Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients With Total Ease.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this second in a three part series of special episodes, where I walk you through my marketing actions that I go into greater detail on in the book. And if you enjoyed this content, if you enjoy the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, please leave us a review on your favorite podcast app. We so appreciate it. That’s going to help get a lot more women lawyers seeing and listening to this so that they can have the help they need to scale their businesses and grow their law firm. So again, this is Davina Frederick and I’m super happy you guys are here and listening to this podcast and I will see you next week.