Thank you!

By joining the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League, you’re joining a community of other ambitious and dedicated women law firm owners who want to skyrocket their business growth to a million dollars and beyond. We’re delighted you are here!

10 Important Housekeeping Items


Now for some housekeeping items. You may want to flag this email in your email inbox so you can refer back to it again if you need to later. It contains important information about access to all the benefits of the program:


1. Log on to the membership site and save or reset your password. You should have received your login credentials via a separate email. If you do not see them, please check your spam/junk folders. Sometimes, they land there.

2. Bookmark the link to the membership site, so you’ll have easy access to the site each week.

3. Watch the Welcome Video for all the details on how to navigate the membership site and how to get started.

4. Schedule a time in your calendar when you’re going to watch the first module—the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Mindset video and do the homework.

5. Join our private Facebook group and introduce yourself!

6. Check out the League Q&A Mastermind call dates and put them on your calendar now.

7. As a general rule, the League Q&A Mastermind calls will be on Wednesdays from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. This is a video chat. Registration is no longer required. You simply 1) go to the calendar in the membership site, 2) select the date of the meeting and 3) it will take you to the page with the link and password info you need to join. You can click right on the link and join. Reserve all the dates and make a commitment NOW to prioritize working “on” your business, not just “in” your business. We’ve found that the more you can show up to participate in the weekly calls, the more successful you will be in the program. Remember, though, all the calls are recorded (unless there’s a technical issue or something) and uploaded to the Recordings library on the membership site.

8. The two courses, the $1M Law Firm Growth Framework and Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Law Firm Systems Solution content may be accessed simultaneously. You must complete each module in order the first time you access each course. Content builds on prior content. Our recommendation is that you complete our signature $1M Law Firm Growth Framework course before you tackle the systems course.

9. The two other Action Taker Bonuses and PDF downloads of the books are available immediately. Just click on Action Taker Bonuses in the membership site to access them.

10. Have questions? Please direct them to:





P.S. Remember, this is a 6-month-long membership so you will have plenty of time to do it all! Do not worry about what others are doing. This program is designed for you to work at your own pace!

I highly recommend you put time on your calendar to work through the modules each week and attend the group calls. When you put these items on your calendar like anything else on your schedule, you’re more inclined to do them!