What’s Stopping Your From Creating a $1M Wealth-Generating Law Firm?

What’s Stopping You From Creating a $1M Wealth-Generating Law Firm?

At Wealthy Woman Lawyer, we believe…

All women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers. We also believe the best first step in creating wealth is to become the boss of your own $1M+ wealth-generating business. To that end, we’ve created a step-by-step program to help you. This program is based on eight years of working one-on-one with women law firm owners to build wealth-generating businesses. It’s my exclusive $1M+ law firm growth formula, broken down into 12 easy-to-execute modules. I’m so eager to share it with you. But first let me ask you…

Does this sound like you?

  • You started your own firm so you could feel more in control of your time and income…but it hasn’t quite worked the way you had hoped it would.
  • You’re not making nearly as much money as you thought you would be, and you’re exhausted. All. The. Freakin’. Time.
  • You’re proud of all you’ve accomplished so far…but you know there’s so much more you could create if only you knew exactly what to do when.
  • You know you need “systems” because you’ve heard other women law firm owners talk about them…but you’re not sure exactly what systems you need, or how to even begin to create them, much less implement them.
  • You’d love to have a team of A+ players to help you because you are so tired of doing everything yourself…but you don’t have the best track record with hiring so you’re scared of dipping your toe in the talent pool again. You’re beginning to think that old adage “good help is hard to find” is true.
  • You’ve been relying on referrals from other attorneys and, maybe some past clients…but in the back of your mind, you’re afraid of what will happen to your firm if those referrals ever dry up (like when your phone stopped ringing in March 2020). What you really want is a sure-fire referral system you can count on month-after-month to produce high-quality leads and clients you’d actually love to serve.
  • You’re worried about the economy and what will happen to your business if it continues to worsen. You can’t afford to lose this business because your family counts on your income to survive.
  • Most days, you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do…but you struggle to trust others to help you do what needs to be done and do it right.
  • And, true confession: Some days you really resent your clients because they don’t seem to want to pay you–or at least not what you are truly worth–but they sure want a lot of your time and attention.
  • More than anything, though, you dream of being able to finally take some of those exotic vacations you see others taking–without worrying about money or leaving your business for a few weeks. If you could just take the whole month of August off, that would be great.
  • You see other women law firm owners create high-multi-six and seven figure law firms and wonder exactly how they did it, but you’re too scared to ask because you don’t want to be “found out.” You think you may have imposter syndrome, but what if you just are really bad at this (you think to yourself).

What if that was all a thing of the past?

What if you had a framework to help you grow your law firm business with total ease – one that breaks down everything you need to do, step-by-step and in the exact order you need to do it?

What if you could increase your revenue by at least 30% within the next 90 days, and get to a $1M in the next two to three years?

What if, after all this time, you could finally create a systems-based business instead of trying to DIY everything?

Better still, what if you could accomplish all of that and create a life you love a whole lot more than the exhausting, overwhelming set-up you have right now?

Well, I have good news! You can do exactly all of that!

What if you could enjoy results like these…

"Exponential growth with complete ease."

“Davina has facilitated growth in my firm in the past eight months in every single aspect of my practice. She has coached me to increase revenue, build a team, shift my mindset and obtain a new level of balance. She has done all of this by holding me accountable and consistent, but the exponential growth has been with complete ease. Hire her. Do not hesitate.”

 Autumn Beck Blackledge, Esq.


"I recommend Davina to anyone who is serious about (growing their business)."

“When you sign up with Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, you sign on to commitment of bettering yourself and your law firm. More importantly, Davina Frederick commits to helping you achieve your goals at a pace that is challenging and realistic. When you put in the work, Davina gives you tremendous insight and makes sure you see the results. I recommend Davina to anyone who is serious about getting assistance to grow their business.”

Joycelyn Brown, Esq.

"More than doubled my firm's revenue"

“If you are looking for help growing or managing your small law firm, I HIGHLY recommend Davina Frederick! Davina worked with me for 24 weeks, and we more than doubled (almost tripled) my firm’s revenue since before I started with her. She is very business savvy and knows how to help you over any roadblocks (whether they are your own mental roadblocks or obstacles thrown in your path). She helped me stay focused and on track to reach my goals. I recommend her without reservation.”

Michele Velez Lebron, Esq.

"You will not regret your decision to work with her."

“If you are a female law firm owner and want to grow beyond you just slaving away at your desk, hire Davina! She is fantastic and really creates a great safe space where female firm owners can really learn from one another and express some of the challenges unique to women. I learned a lot about my firm and myself as a person. You will not regret your decision to work with her.

Just wanted to say thank you for the Wealthy Women Lawyer League. I’m getting so much value from it!!”

Nicola Robinson, Esq.

"I have seen an increase in firm revenue during our (traditionally) slowest quarter..."

I highly recommend the Wealthy Woman Lawyer program for any law firm owner seeking to develop an understanding of the business side of firm management. I began the program during my second year of business to scale and hire employees. Through the class and weekly strategy calls, I have been able to hire an experienced full-time case manager, transition from flat fee to more lucrative payment structures, and spend my time on higher value tasks through delegation. I have seen an increase in firm revenue during our (traditionally) slowest quarter by implementing practical skills and a fundamental mind shift from ‘expense to investment.’ I now actively ask myself, “is this the highest and best use of my time.” Davina is a talented business coach, and she leverages her business and lawyer skills to help you get to 7 figures. Well worth it!

Angelik Edmonds, Esq.

"The women in the group are inspiring!"

“I am very grateful the program is flexible. Honestly, for me, that was the push to sign up. The materials are valuable, and deserve focused attention, contemplation, for meaningful application. The women in the group are inspiring! Helped me realize I’m not thinking big enough, and that I can also make it happen!”

Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Esq.


The Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League

for Million Dollar Bosses

Welcome to a community for women law firm owners who want to work together to scale their businesses with the  Wealthy Woman Lawyer® $1M+ Law Firm Framework. In the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League community, you’ll not only receive this coach-led, 12-week program where you’ll learn the exact skills you need to scale your systems-based law firm to a million dollars in annual gross revenue (or more!), you’ll also enjoy the opportunity (for a whole year!) to participate in a weekly mastermind community with other aspiring million-dollar women law firm owners just like you!

You may be a good fit for this program if you want to…

Scale your law firm to $1M or more

Create more personal income for you and your family to enjoy

Make your own economy

Succeed in business and in life

Connect with other like-minded women who also are high achieving , ambitious and cool

Learn how to set up a systems-based law firm business for maximum productivity and profit

Stop working ALL THE TIME

Stop worrying about money

Hire a team of A+ players to support you as you grow

Create a lead-generation system you can set on autopilot so you never have to worry about whether or not you'll have enough of the right kind of clients again

Learn to fall in love with your business all over again

Finally have enough time and money to take that dream vacation--or maybe not even work for the entire month if you so choose!

You may be a good fit for this program if you want to…

Scale your law firm to $1M or more

Create more personal income for you and your family to enjoy

Make your own economy

Succeed in business and in life

Connect with other like-minded women who also are high achieving , ambitious and cool

Learn how to set up a systems-based law firm business for maximum productivity and profit

Stop working ALL THE TIME

Stop worrying about money

Hire a team of A+ players to support you as you grow

Create a lead-generation system you can set on autopilot so you never have to worry about whether or not you'll have enough of the right kind of clients again

Learn to fall in love with your business all over again

Finally have enough time and money to take that dream vacation--or maybe not even work for the entire month if you so choose!

But, hold up…you may NOT be a good fit for this program is you are:

  • Not a woman law firm owner. We do accept people other than those who identify as women as long as you are a supporter of women and agree to respect that this is a safe space for women of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

  • Already making seven figures or more in gross revenue. This program is designed for those who want to move from $100,000 to a $1M. If you’ve already surpassed $1M, you likely have worked out a lot of the issues covered in this program. However, if you don’t think  you’ve yet nailed how to attract better clients, leverage your resources, and master your money to create wealth, then this is the place for you!

  • Not willing to put in the time and effort to work “on” your business for at least the next 12 weeks. No slackers here! We’re going to be rolling up our sleeves and working to create transformation and get those results!

  • Have got it all figured out already. If you know you already know, then this probably isn’t the best place for you. We’re looking for open-minding folks who realize that there’s always something new to learn.

  • Not open to learning new concepts and ideas to help grow your business. If your slogan is “we’ve always done it that way, and we’re not about to change now,” welp, then, I’d just keep on scrolling…

  • Not excited about creating more time, money or freedom for yourself now and into the future. Dude! What could be more exciting than expansion and making the most of your potential. Life is short. Best make the most of it while we can.

  • Not coachable. If you get butt-hurt every time someone offers up a new perspective, or you just aren’t about putting anything new ideas into action, then this is definitely not for you. We aren’t here to argue with you.

  • Unwilling to participate and support other program participants and be excited for their successes. Yeah, you won’t last long if you can’t be happy for other people as they achieve their goals.

  • Someone who is unwilling to make risk/reward decisions and keep commitments to yourself. We can offer up opportunities, but you’ve got to be the one to step through the door.

  • Not ready for change or transformation. Some people are happy just where they are. They don’t even like the suggestion that they “grow.” It’s okay if this isn’t for you at this time. 

What Wealthy Women Lawyers Have in Common

For the past several years, we’ve worked with numerous women law firm owners to help them scale their law practices to wealth-generating law firm businesses. When it comes to financial success, we’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve included it all in our $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework. Wealthy Woman Lawyers…

Make Wealthy Woman Lawyer Decisions

Wealthy women lawyers focus on the ROI, not the cost of doing business. They make money moves that put them in the position to take advantage of opportunities quickly and with total ease. No “analysis paralysis” here!

Hire and Retain Only A+ Players

Behind every successful woman law firm owner is a top team. If you don’t have A+ players backing you up, it’s time to get you some. You need to be working in your strengths at least 80% of the time. Train your team to handle the rest!

Leverage Their Resources

Wealthy women lawyers know how to leverage all their resources–time, connections, team, systems, capital, technology you name it–to help create more of what they truly desire, like time, money, energy, and definitely more freedom.

Set-up Systems-Based Businesses

When you create a business based on systems, you free yourself from being buried under the details so you can focus on creating million-dollar strategies, and the highest and best use of your time, treasure and talents.

Know How to Attract Better Clients

Wealthy women law firm owners have 100% clarity on their core values, their brand and their culture. They know exactly who their ideal clients are and how to speak to them in a way that compels them to take immediate action.

Select Their Squad with Care

If you want to ensure your success, surround yourself with like-minded, high-achieving, ambitious women. Research indicates 95% of our success or failure is determined by the people with whom we regularly associate. 

Become a Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Today


Content. Coaching. Community.

Become a Wealthy Woman Lawyer Today


Content. Coaching. Community.

Benefits of Joining the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League

 Whatever has been keeping you from creating your million-dollar law firm and the wealth you desire, we are here to help you turn all that around now. Maybe it is just that you don’t feel like you know what you don’t know, or you lack confidence, or the right community to support you. Maybe you wish someone could break down marketing, sales, systems, and how to cultivate and motivate a high-performance team, in a way that’s digestible and easy to incorporate into your business. Maybe you really just need to upgrade your mindset. The Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League has got all this waiting for you and much more.

 You get direct access to Davina Frederick (attorney, business coach and founder of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®), and the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® team for a tiny fraction of what it usually costs to hire us.

You learn exactly what you need to know to attract better clients, leverage your resources, and master your money with total ease.

You get access to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® $1M+ Law Firm Framework including how to create marketing and management systems to help you build a law firm that’s not only profitable but sustainable for years to come.

You get to mastermind and network with like-minded, high-achieving and ambitious women law firm owners just like you! Some may be behind you in your million-dollar journey, some may be ahead, but all share your enthusiasm and desire to create a wealth-generating business to fund their biggest dreams.

You learn how to make decisions based on ROI, not on cost. You’ll begin to shift from “thinking like a lawyer,” to thinking like a law firm CEO.

You’ll begin to transform into the wealthy woman lawyer you’ve always wanted to be–and you’ll get to do it all at your own pace. Although this program is meant to be completed in 12 weeks, you will have lifetime access. You will be able to download all the modules and handouts and complete, or revisit, the program in your own time. Plus, your membership in the League is good for a WHOLE YEAR!

Little risk, big return. This program is less than 8% of the cost of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® private, 1:1 coaching–and, yet, you’ll receive the exact same framework we use to teach and coach our private clients. The average return on investment for our private clients is 44% increase in gross revenue. If you implement this program–watch all the modules, do all the homework, participate in the live coaching calls and the private community, and reach out with your questions, you can expect to increase your gross revenue by at least 30%–and begin to reclaim your valuable time as well!

"I have exceeded the financial goals...Highly recommend!"

“I have been working with Davina for about a year and a half, and her guidance and advice has been truly transformational for my law practice and my own personal growth as an employer.

“Being a solo attorney does not always translate to acting as a CEO of your company, but with Davina’s help, I have exceeded the financial goals for my business, grown my team, taken control of my calendar, and continue to improve every day. Highly recommend!”

Pamela Martin Esq.

"Working with Davina has been the best business decision I've made to date."

As a new business owner and new mother, I started working with Davina at a time in my life when my needs were tall but my resources were slim. She immediately helped me streamline my goals and devise a realistic plan to achieve them. Her approach was always unique and effective. I value her insight and trust her advice implicitly. Working with Davina has been the best business decision I’ve made to date.”

Anila Rasul, Esq.

"I am at 20- 25% increase (in revenue), and I know there is room for more!"

“I truly enjoy the video content and workshops. I have created a workbook so that I can brainstorm and refer back when I am involved in the group coaching. In addition, I listen to the videos while I am working on documents at the office, and even at times when cooking, if I want to refresh myself with the new tools I am learning.

One of the things that helped me the most is outsourcing. It seems like common sense but I am truly one of those people who feels like I am the person who is necessary to complete the task. I am still learning to let go and by letting go I can actually accomplish more.

Another AHA moment was systemizing my processes…I have recorded/ systemized my processes for many common tasks, I am (planning to) hire an associate, and I have improved on the negative self-talk.

I am at 20- 25% increase (in revenue), and I know there is room for more! Thank you so much for your program and I look forward to continue growth.”

SaKinna Thomas, Esq.

Meet Davina Frederick

When I tell my story to other women lawyers, they often tell me it sounds a lot like theirs. I’m a high-achieving woman, who studied hard, worked even harder, and thought that’s what it took to get what I wanted in life. At first, I made money—a whole lot of it. But, soon, I wound up burned out; emotionally, physically and financially bankrupt; and on the brink of divorce. When that happened, I knew I needed to make a change.

My journey of self-discovery led me to solutions, and a life of joy, fulfillment and prosperity I once never could have imagined. Today, I teach other women lawyers how to create a prosperous, fulfilling life and successful business they love, so they don’t have to learn those hard lessons the way I did–thru trial and error. Some of my clients have even called me “the Firm Whisperer” or, after 2020, “the Curveball Coach.”

I don’t know if I’m all that, but one thing I know for sure: there’s a way to wealth without sacrificing every single minute of every day to the altar of your business.

You work hard and give so much to others. You deserve joy, abundance, and all the wealth you desire. I’d love to help you create that for yourself.

Meet Davina Frederick

When I tell my story to other women lawyers, they often tell me it sounds a lot like theirs. I’m a high-achieving woman, who studied hard, worked even harder, and thought that’s what it took to get what I wanted in life. At first, I made money—a whole lot of it. But, soon, I wound up burned out; emotionally, physically and financially bankrupt; and on the brink of divorce. When that happened, I knew I needed to make a change.

My journey of self-discovery led me to solutions, and a life of joy, fulfillment and prosperity I once never could have imagined. Today, I teach other women lawyers how to create a prosperous, fulfilling life and successful business they love, so they don’t have to learn those hard lessons the way I did–thru trial and error. Some of my clients have even called me “the Firm Whisperer” or, after 2020, “the Curveball Coach.”

I don’t know if I’m all that, but one thing I know for sure: there’s a way to wealth without sacrificing every single minute of every day to the altar of your business.

You work hard and give so much to others. You deserve joy, abundance, and all the wealth you desire. I’d love to help you create that for yourself.

Tara Brown Attorney

"My business has grown exponentially"

Davina is the truth. My business has grown exponentially since I began working with Davina. I had no systems, processes, staff…it’s a whole new world. Where I was once afraid of growth now I’m afraid of the possibilities.

Tara Brown, Esq.

Ayesha Chidolue Attorney

"Working with her is a small investment (for) what you get in return."

“Davina Frederick has helped me grow my business enormously in 2016, to the point I was able to support to businesses without tapping into my family savings or retirement to carry me through. Working with her is a small investment compared to what you get in return.”

Ayesha Chidolue, Esq.

Jessa Gary Attorney

"I highly recommend (Davina) to others looking to grow their business."

I had recently become a solo practitioner and I needed help growing my business. Davina and I would chat each month and set goals for me to accomplish during the month. It was really helpful and motivating to have an independent third party help me with ideas and strategies to grow my business. Davina is a wealth of knowledge and has substantial experience helping business owners, particularly attorneys, grow their business and I highly recommend her to others looking to grow their business.

Jessa Gary, Esq.

"In just 6 months, my monthly revenue increased by over 250%"

If you are a woman lawyer looking to grow your firm, HIRE DAVINA TODAY!  Earlier this year, I took the leap of faith and hired Davina as my business coach. My only regret is that I waited so long! In just 6 months, my monthly revenue increased by over 250%. I have developed systems that work for me and my firm, and I am well on my way to a great work-life balance. I can’t say enough about how Davina’s guidance has helped me lay out a clear path to the career I really want.

Sara Bush Jones, Esq.

"Davina was a great fit for (my) goals."

I hired Davina to help me with a strategic plan for next year and evaluate some directional changes I was considering. Her questions are challenging and on-point — the kinds of questions that you can’t pull from your own brain because it’s so engrossed in your business already. I needed the outside third-party perspective to give honest opinions and make tough decisions regarding direction and next steps — Davina was a great fit for these goals.”

Heather Harmony Kennedy, Esq.

Rania Arwani Attorney

"I highly recommend Davina for anyone seeking to grow their business."

“Davina is a very talented business coach. If you are looking to take your business to a whole new level, then look no more. She’s a high-performance coach that demands results. So be prepared to work, sweat, and work harder/smarter than you ever have. You will set your goals, and if you follow her plan, you will not only reach them, you will supersede them. I highly recommend Davina for anyone seeking to grow their business.”

Rania Arwani, Esq.

"Since we last spoke I have increased my hourly rate."

“Davina, I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how I am doing today. We had some sessions about a year ago and the things in my life that have turned around are pretty amazing.

“Since last we spoke, I have increased my hourly rate and really valued my time. I took the time to find the right fit in hiring. I have hired two new attorneys and have shared values. It’s formed a strong team.

“Additionally, some of the marketing strategies we discussed (and significantly increasing our retainer), and I implemented, resulted in business really flowing.

“I just wanted to thank you because talking with you really helped me to hone in and focus on some changea to make in strategy. If you have any other 6-month planning sessions, please let me know. That was super helpful!

Katherine Mazaheri Franze, Esq.

"I consider her services the best investment I've made in my law firm and career."

I worked with Davina Frederick as my Business Growth and Marketing Strategy Advisor for more than nine months. In that time, I experienced tremendous growth in my business, including the following: added another attorney; revenues increased exponentially; complete rebranding of my website and marketing materials; improved website SEO; and attracted better quality clients. These successes are due almost entirely to the personal and professional growth I’ve achieved under Davina’s guidance. I consider her services the best investment I’ve made in my law firm and career.

Suzanne Meehle, Esq.

Hiring Davina as my coach was the best decision I made in 2019.

I signed up for a three month coaching package and we got to work immediately. In three short months, Davina helped me accomplish the following tasks:

• I acquired a new office location.
• Hired decorators to furnish my new office location.
• Hired my first employee.
• Set up a personality/skills assessment to help with hiring new employees.
• Set up systems for my first employee and drafted a handbook so I can bring additional employees.
• Developed an organization chart which allowed me to create a blueprint for what I would like my firm to look like moving forward. I also developed work duties for each new position so the new employees knows what their role is moving forward.
• Set up a system for client communication (as clients used to BOMBARD me with phone calls, texts, emails.)
• Organized all of my previously disorganized files and my practice management system.
• Read two recommended books on practice management which helped tremendously.
• Cleaned up my bookkeeping & accounting.
• Hired a copywriter to re-write my website copy.
• Amongst others….

In addition to the many changes that came within those first three months, we have more changes coming in the pipeline. Not only does a course with Davina inspire action, the most important thing she will do is help you with your mindset. Now, with her help, I am:
• Learning how to make DECISIONS without being paralyzed by the amount of choices and information available;
• Learning how to DELEGATE as I cannot do it alone or all by myself.;
• Learning how to hold myself accountable;
• Learning to push past my limiting beliefs;
• Learning how to cultivate my brand; and
• Learning how to love being a business owner and to use this business as a tool for accomplishing my wildest dreams.

The reason I wrote this long review is because I thoroughly enjoy working with Davina and wanted you to know how she has helped turn this practice around. If you are struggling and are considering coaching with Davina, go ahead and take the leap. You won’t regret it.”

Cassidy Loutos, Esq.

Are you ready to join the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League?

Benefits of membership in the League include:

  • Access to the exclusive Wealthy Woman Lawyer® $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework course and workbook.
  • A 12-month pass to enjoy and participate in the membership site, including any new material added to the site throughout the year at no additional cost to you!
  • A private community of highly accomplished, intelligent and ambitious women law firm owners from throughout the country and across multiple practice areas to support, encourage and serve as an ongoing resource to help you achieve your goals.
  • Weekly coaching and mastermind calls so you can get answers to all your questions, and insight from others who’ve “been there, done that.”
  • Opportunities to expand your network and to mastermind with other women lawyers.
  • An opportunity for 1:1 coaching with Davina if additional support is needed.
  • Bonuses galore!
  • Results! Results! Results!
  • And, best of all, an opportunity to try it all out for 14 days without paying one dime.

Action-Taker Bonuses for people who take action!

Are You Ready for Wealth?


Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering…

Module 1: Welcome (Week 1)

Welcome to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League, a community for women law firm owners who want to learn the business skills they need to scale their law firm to $1M or more with total ease–and with the support of other, like-minded, high-achieving women! We are so happy you are here with us and ready to transform your own law practice. In this module, I share with you:

* The purpose of this program;

* What to expect over the next 12 weeks–and the next 12 months; and

* How to use this program so that you get the most benefit from our time together.

Module 2 : Cultivate a Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Mindset (Week 1)

Are you ready to begin making the shift from “thinking like a lawyer” to thinking like a Wealthy Woman Lawyer and the CEO of a $1M+ wealth-generating law business built on high-performing systems and processes? This module will help you get 100% clarity on exactly what it is you desire and how to begin attracting it. Plus, we’re going to strip away the veil over the current state of your practice, get you really clear on where you are now and exactly what needs to change for you to (finally) move past old habits and limiting beliefs to get what you truly want. In this module, we’ll get right to work on:

* Rewriting old money stories that keep us broke;

* Getting real with ourselves about the current State of the Firm; and

* Getting after our Goals!

Module 3 : Assess Your Advantages (Week 2)

In this module, we are going to get really clear on the advantages that set you and your firm apart from all others. By the time you are finished, you’ll have discovered your purpose-based philosophy, core values and the strengths that make you, well, YOU. Moreover, you’ll get clarity on key differentiators to help you close more of your ideal clients. You’ll learn:

* How to avoid this common branding mistake most law firm owners make;

* How to start working in your strengths (and what those are, exactly); and

* The number one reason you keep making bad hires that don’t “fit” in with your firm culture.

Module 4 : Monetize Your Message (Week 3)

If you want better clients, the training in this module will help you get them. We teach you exactly how to identify your ideal client, and also how to find them and talk with them in a way that makes them clamor to hire you. You’ll learn to craft compelling messages, use stories to sell and clearly articulate all the benefits of working with your firm. Plus, we’ve got a formula to help you “pick your mix” of the best marketing methods, platforms and channels for you and your law firm. (Hint: not all of them are good!) Plus, you’ll learn:

* Six common content marketing mistakes law firms make;

* Our proprietary “pick-your-mix” formula to open the floodgates of ideal clients; and

* The 5-4–3-2-1-1 formula that’s helped so many of my wealthy woman lawyer clients scale their businesses quickly.

Module 5 : Activate Your Audience (Week 4)

Now that you’ve gotten clarity on your advantages, and you’ve learned to monetize your message, we’re going to activate our audience of ideal prospects to take immediate action to hire us. In this module, you’ll begin to understand where you fit into the buyer’s journey, how to activate your powers of attraction and, lastly, how to convert, close and ask for what you are worth (without feeling icky about it). Yep, we are talking about consultations that close, so you can do the work you feel called to do for people you love to help. You’ll learn:

*  My six favorite money manifesting tools (yes, I actually use them and so do my clients);

* The one big money block that may be keeping you from securing your bag; and

* The 5-Step Consulting-to-Close process I teach my private clients (it works!).

Module 6 : Prioritize Your Time (Week 5)

“Time management” is everyone’s Achille’s Heel, it seems. But not yours. Not after what you learn in this module. First, you’re going to get really clear on how you are actually spending your time now (not what you think you’ve been doing), and then we’re going to teach you step-by-step how to take back control of your schedule and your life so that you only spend your time doing what you love or what absolutely can only be done by you. By the time you are done with this training, you’ll be looking at “time” in a whole new way. Plus, we provide a checklist of some of our favorite time-saving tools and techniques to help you get your priorities straight. You’ll learn:

* Why “time management” is not the real issue (and what is);

* How to quickly get to the truth about what is most important to you (not what you say is most important); and

* The details of my 5-Step Priority Alignment Process (we are going to walk through it together, step-by-step so you can begin to implement right away and reclaim your time!).

Module 7: Delegate to Top Talent (Weeks 6 and 7)

Are you tired of hiring duds? Wish you could find that “unicorn paralegal?” Feel like a fish out of water when it comes to hiring, training and leading top talent? If any of this sounds like you, then you are going to LOVE this module because, in it, we teach you our hiring system so you can start cultivating your own team of A+ level employees. Also included with this module are not one, but TWO bonus video trainings–on leading a top team, and the other on how to attract and hire only ideal employees who are ready to work. Why leave this critical task to chance when you can approach this problem systematically with much better results? In this module, you’ll learn:

* How to hire for your weaknesses;

* How to avoid the most common hiring mistake I see women law firm owners make over and over again; and

* The hiring blueprint you need now if you want a team of A+ employees.

Module 8 : Document Your Processes (Weeks 8 and 9)

If you are craving systems, then this module is for you. In it, we are going to teach you exactly what systems you need, how to create them and, most importantly, why it’s critical to create systems in the first place. If you want to get your life back and become a millionaire while doing it, then you absolutely, positively need to create a systems-based business to support you. Nothing less will do. You’ll learn:

* The five issues that are most likely keeping you from creating the systems-based business you desire;

* The three methods for developing systems (Hint: one is better than the other two); and

* The easy-peasy six-step plan you can use to begin improving your systems today.

Module 9 : Track Your Numbers (Week 10)

How will you know if you are getting any returns on any investments if you aren’t tracking your numbers, learning to understand what they mean, and applying what you’ve learned? If you’re ready to start tracking but you aren’t sure what, exactly you should be tracking or what it all means,  anyway, then you’ll definitely want to take the time to listen to this training, complete the handouts, checklists and worksheets, and show up on the live mastermind calls. By the time you’re done with this model, you might even revise the “I’m not a math person” limiting belief you have to “I’m a math whiz! I love math–especially counting my coins!” In this module, you’ll learn:

* What KPIs are and which ones you should definitely be tracking if you want a wealth-generating law firm;

* My beef with “Profit First” (and what I love about it); and

* The model law firm budget I teach to help all my clients increase their profitability to 40+% (more if they want it).

Module 10 : Invest in Yourself (Week 11)

If you think you can get from “broke ass” to “wealthy” without investing in your greatest asset (You!), then someone, somewhere, has mislead you. If you want to be a millionaire (or a billionaire or ga-zillionaire), then you have to start with upleveling the way you think about money–how you acquire it, how you keep it, how you spend it, how you save it, and how you invest it. Your old money stories will no longer serve you in this new time and space. In this module, we are going to talk about all you need to do to (besides increasing your income), if you want to become a $1M Wealthy Woman Lawyer. You’ll learn:

* Why your business is not your “baby” (and what it really is);

* The five actions you must take if you want become a seven-figure law firm; and

* Why “leading” is not the number one job of a law firm CEO (and what the two most important jobs are).

Module 11 : Accumulate Assets (Week 12)

In this module, we’re going to discuss ALL the assets you should have in your back pocket–how to get them, what to do with them, and what they can create for you (True Wealth, baby!). Once you set up your business so everything is flowing the way you want it to flow, and it’s creating steady cash for you, then you’ll want to understand and apply all the secrets of of the wealthy so you can put your new-found wealth to work to create more as you increase your impact in the world. How awesome does that sound?

* The number one asset you should focus on growing once you hit a million dollars (and maybe even before then);

* A hidden asset that you may not be taking full advantage of–but should; and

* The easiest way to amass personal wealth once you’ve created your wealth-generating law firm.

Module 12 : Bringing it All Together (Week 12)

Whew! We’ve made it through 12 weeks of working “on” our business and, by now, you should really be seeing and feeling the changes start to take place. So let’s bring together all we’ve learned and make a plan for where to go from here. Like maybe onward and upward! You’ll learn:

* What your options are from here;

* The best way to continue upleveling your law firm business; and

* The one thing you should NOT do now that you’ve completed this program.

Built-in Bonus: How to Hire Your Ideal Employee (Video) ($1500 Value)

Do you struggle to hire a team of A+ employees? If so, then you’ll definitely want to watch this 90-minute seminar on How to Hire Your Ideal Applicant. Presenter Kathy Knowles of Intuitive Strategies is an executive recruiter who has interviewed more than 10,000 people and hired more than 1,000. She’s worked with many Wealthy Woman Lawyer clients to help find the exact right fit employee for busy, productive teams. 

Built-in Bonus: Leading Thru Adversity (Video) ($997 Value)

If you want to transform your law firm to a $1M+ wealth-generating law firm, then you likely will need to work on your leadership skills–particularly during such adverse times as these. To that end, I taught my private clients some key leadership concepts on this 3-hour webinar, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Built-in Bonus: Transformation 2021 ($97)

Immediately upon enrolling in this program, you’ll receive my Transformation 2021 bonus worksheet designed to help you get clear on exactly what you want to create for the rest of this year, next year, and into the future. This powerful tool will help you get laser-focused on your goals so once you jump into the program, you’ll be in the right headspace to do your best work.

Fast Action Bonuses

Fastest Path to Cash Blueprint

Who doesn’t love more cash? In this bonus video training and workbook, you’ll receive the exact blueprint our private clients have used to generate cash quickly in their law firm businesses.

This blueprint sets out a step-by-step plan so you can start generating more money in your business right away. What could you do with an extra $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 a month in your business?

$1,500 Value


Consultations to Clients Sales Mastery Training

Are you getting the leads, but suck at converting prospects to clients? Maybe your sales skills are okay, but you know if you could bump them up a notch, you could immediately generate more revenue each month.

We invite you to sit in on a conversation between Davina and Founder and CEO, Shawn Karol Sandy, of The Selling Agency. In this jam packed sales training session, you’ll learn the selling secrets of one of the best sales skills trainers in the country.

$997 Value

7x7 Law Firm Systems Roadmap: Your Guide to Creating Systems for Your Law Firm Business

An on-demand video training that walks you through the steps to build out the detailed systems you need to scale to 7-figures quickly and with ease. It includes a 15-page PDF guide with system planning worksheets and examples to inspire you while creating your own systems.

$1197 Value

The Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Guarantee

Nothing in life is guaranteed. In fact, your results in this program or any other are not guaranteed unless you are willing to put in the work required. However, we’ve come up with a guarantee we think you’ll like…a lot.

Instead of asking you to trust us, we are going to put our trust in you. You can access to the program AND the League for 14 days from the date you sign up for the program–and you won’t be required to pay a dime until the 14th day. If you do not find the program to be valuable, let us know in writing, we’ll cancel your membership, you’ll owe us nothing. The only conditions are that you must complete all the modules available during that 30 period and all the homework assigned (we’ll ask to see it), and you must attend all the live mastermind calls. If after doing that, you do not feel you’ve received any value, then we will not charge your card.

If you are loving the program and the community, as we think you will, then we’ll automatically charge the card you have on file with us on or about (but not before) the 14th day. How does it get any better than that?! You get to sample to program, meet the other program members, participate in live coaching and masterminds–even schedule a 1:1 coaching call with Davina if you’d like–all before you pay us anything. That’s how much we believe in this program, in our community, and in YOU. With that kind of guarantee, why wouldn’t you do it? It’s a no-brainer!

Frequently Asked Questions


I don't yet own my own law firm, but I want to. Should I join the League now?

Absolutely. This program and community is for any woman lawyer who wants to become a millionaire and envisions her business as a way to create a wealth-generating income for herself.

Even if you don’t yet have your own business (but you are dreaming about it), or if you’ve just started, there’s so much for you here–from mindset, to methods, to encouragement and support! Who knows?

If you start now, you may be ready to take the leap by the time we are finished in 12 weeks. If not, you have lifetime access, so you’ll still have the info when you are ready to revisit it and get started on making your $1M law firm dream come true.



I'm a law firm owner, but not a woman, can I still join?

Yes. If you identify as a woman, are non-binary or other gender identification, including male, as long as you support and encourage all other participants in their success.

The only folks who won’t be a good fit here or those who do not support women, minorities, non-binary or other people who have been marginalized. If that’s you, you won’t enjoy it here (and, quite frankly, it won’t be a good fit for us either).



I'm not yet making $100,000 in my business, is this still right for me?

Yes! There’s so much you’ll learn from this program and from other League members who may be ahead of you on their journey to a million dollars. All those baby steps you take will add up quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be a “senior” ready to share your wisdom with others. 


I already make a million dollars or more a year, should I join the League?

You are absolutely welcome to join the League. However, chances are, you’ve already done a lot of the work we teach you to do to transform into a $1M+ wealth-generating law firm CEO, and private 1:1 coaching most likely will be a better option for you. Schedule an appointment here to discuss private coaching options.



I have a unique practice area, Will THIS WOrk FOr ME?

We’ve worked with law firm owners in family law, estate planning, probate, guardianship, social security disability, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate, civil litigation, business law, employment law, and intellectual property (including trademarks and patents). That’s all we can remember off the tops of our heads. What we’ve discovered is that it doesn’t matter what your practice area is or your geographic location–because we’ve had clients all over the country in big cities and small, rural towns. What matters is what you are willing or not willing to do to grow your law firm.


You walk about "revenue" but what about profits?!

Yes, we focus on revenue because it is our belief that most women law firm owners do not stretch themselves to reach their highest potential and the million dollar hurdle is one of the hardest (mentally) for most to jump. Profitability can vary widely based on your tax strategy, what you choose to “write off” in the business, and numerous other factors. That said, we do, in this program, have a profit-growth strategy that we teach because we know it doesn’t all begin and end with revenue. However, if you aren’t making any significant revenue, it’s likely your profitabilty isn’t all that great either. Or, if it is, you likely are working yourself to death to get it. More revenue will help you develop the resources you need to make your life so much easier.


I'm an introvert and don't really like groups or "Leagues" because they require me to participate, should I still join?

Yep. This program was created just for people like you who like to learn quietly, in their own homes or offices, without having to talk with other people while they figure something out.

That said, you’ll still have an opportunity for a ton of support even if you don’t like to raise your hand during Zoom calls. You can always just lurk in the background and listen. You also can post your question in the private Facebook group. And there are opportunities for 1:1 sessions if you find you want to get help that way.



How long will it take me to see results?

That really depends on you. Some folks see results within 30 days–others may take 90 days or more to see results. It all depends on your mindset and your willingness to put in the work to get what you most desire. Are you going to get to $1M in gross revenue in 90 days? Likely not. It depends on where you are starting. I have had clients who made 44% increases and crossed over the million-dollar mark in just one year. Others may need three years to get there because they are still below the half-million dollar mark or quarter million dollar mark. 


What if I want 1:1 coaching? Is that possible?

Yes, it is. You’ll have an opportunity for 1:1 coaching either through bonuses, or by paying as you go for individual, private sessions. You also can talk with Davina about signing up for long-term private coaching if you find that’s what you really need and desire.



Do I have to do all the lessons in order?

Yes, at least for this first go-around. It’s recommended that you do because we’ve set up this program to mimic the buyer’s journey to your firm and through the process of working with you and your team.

We’ve found it to be advantageous when everyone is working through the same materials at once. Plus, the live mastermind calls are themed-based on whatever the majority is studying for the week.

Even if you feel like you have one part on lock, you never know what tweaks you may discover that you can make to improve performance and profitability.



I don't live in the U.S., can I still join?

Yes, you can! As long as you are a woman lawyer who owns her own law firm (or intends to soon), this program and community will provide value for you.

Of course, legal systems–and what lawyers are allowed and not allow to do–varies, so it will be your responsiblity to determine if the recommendations in this program are permitted in your jurisdiction.



Can my partner and I share a membership?

No. There only one membership in the League per program purchase. You certainly are welcome to watch the videos and do the homework together, but only one of you will be able to join the membership site, be on the calls or join the Facebook community.



I can't afford the full payment, is there a payment plan?

We believe we’ve made this program very affordable for most women law firm owners at just about every level. It’s basically the cost of one new client and the ROI if you put in the work could yield 10, 20, 30…even 100 times the investment.

We understand it may be a significant investment for some, and we think it’s more than reasonable given the value we provide (plus the 14-day trail guarantee).

In fact, if you cannot afford to get the help you need at this level, you probably need this program more than anyone, so it may be worth it to you to borrow the money.

We don’t want anyone to go hungry to pay us, so if you really do not have access to any investment capital to grow your firm, then check out all the free resources on the wealthywomanlawyer.com website. There are a ton of blogs and podcast episodes there to help you. We also have a free groups for women law firm owners. Search for it on Facebook: “Wealthy Woman Lawyer.” Also, grab a free copy of my book: “The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age.” Just go to: www.wealthywomanlawyer.com/book. This is a terrific book for those who need to get their revenue up by working with better-fit clients.



Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

We don’t issue refunds. However, do offer The Wealthy Woman Lawyer Guarantee, that we think is way better than a refund because it’s going to allow you to very quickly create more money. Within 90 days, you should really begin to experience a good return on your investment (if you put in the time and energy necessary). 



How do I know FOR SURE this will work for me?

You don’t. You have to decide that you are going to get value from this experience no matter the outcome. We think this is a fantastic framework, and we have many, many happy clients to prove it.

But that doesn’t guarantee you are going to have the exact same results. Why? Because we can only do what we can do. You must be willing to do what is required of you if you want results.

That means watching all the videos (or listening to the audio), doing all the prescribed homework and implementing it in your business, showing up and participating in the live coaching and mastermind calls, doing the reading if it’s required, and participating in the private community group.

Also, it requires that you reach out for help if you are struggling to “get it.” The only sure way to get what you want is to settle for nothing less. We are here to help, and we can only care as much as you do.



What happens when I join?

You’ll get a welcome message from us (yay!) with all the information you need to access the site and begin preparing for the first week’s assignment. I’m so excited for you just thinking about it!

Ready to transform your law firm and your life?