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Do you aspire to create a wealth-generating law firm so you can live the life of your dreams? If so, grab my free report now to learn the secrets of women law firm owners who’ve done just that. It’s my gift to you!


We bring it all! From free content like our Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast where we ask successful women law firm owners and other experts the hard questions–the ones others are afraid to ask–and get the inside scoop on how to scale a successful business; our Blog, which provides those quick tips and tools you can begin implementing now; and our free trainings; to our book, filled with marketing secrets, to our $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework that’s helped hundreds of women lawyers scale their businesses to $1M or more!


Have you ever wished you could be surrounded by other, like-minded women law firm owners on the same journey as you, so you could all help, inspire and encourage one another? Well, you’ve found it! From our free Wealthy Woman Lawyer® community to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League for women law firm owners who wish to scale to $1M or more, to our Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Insiders group (for private, 1:1 clients only), our community is flourishing and your squad is waiting for you!


If only someone would just tell you what to do, and when and how to do it, you would be on your way! Well, we don’t “tell” you so much as co-create with you. The answers you are seeking most often are locked inside of you, hiding behind something you are resisting. We offer both group mastermind and private coaching to help you become more empowered, confident and prepared to make the kinds of CEO-level, million-dollar decisions you know you need to make if you want to scale and create a wealth-generating, sustainable law firm business! We’ve got your back!

Are you in the right place?

If you are a busy women lawyer who owns her own law practice and you aspire to grow it into a wealth-generating asset so you can finally create the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about since law school (and maybe even before that), you are in the right place.

Wealthy Woman Lawyer® believes all women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers. We work too damn hard to not reap the benefits of our career investments!

Our purpose is to help as many women lawyers as possible discover that they can create a business that supports them, their families and their communities in ways they’ve always dreamt–without sacrificing themselves in the process. We are so glad you are here! Welcome to Wealthy Woman Lawyer®.


How to Create a $1M+ Law Firm
(without Overwork or Overwhelm)

Wealthy Woman Lawyer's Guide

Grab a FREE Copy of My Book

If you hate marketing, you’ll love this book!

It’s not uncommon for law firm owners to tell me that while they love owning their own business, they hate “marketing.” I get it!

Even though I have been a marketer of professional services for almost three decades, now, I can understand how marketing your law firm business may feel overwhelming at times. There are a TON of options for marketing your law firm. How do you know what’s right for you?

My goal with this book is to help you get clarity on the best approach for marketing your law firm–in your specific geographic location, in your practice area(s), and with your personality (whether you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert). I teach you how to identify your ideal client and then develop a plan to attract them with total ease!

You can download a free copy of the book here. It’s over 200 pages of marketing goodness specifically for women law firm owners. My hope is that you will be able to use it over and over again as a reference guide any time you are re-tooling your marketing systems, or are approached by someone calling themselves a marketer and offering you their shiny object as the answer to all of your lead-generating challenges.

It’s the book I wished I had when I started my own law firm in 2007. Enjoy it as my gift to you!

Work with Us

Are you a woman law firm owner who wants to scale her law firm business from six- to seven-figures (or beyond) in annual gross revenue and…

  • Create a high personal income for yourself;
  • Spend more time on self-care, or with family and with friends, knowing confidently that everything in your firm will continue to run smoothly without your daily presence; and
  • Have the resources you need to build personal, sustainable and generational wealthy over time?

If so, we can help. Wealthy Woman Lawyer® offers three different tracks for getting the help you need to build a scaleable, sustainable and successful law firm business while creating your own personal wealth–all with total ease.



Davina with Client photo
Option 1

Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Membership

Perfect for you if your wants and desires are big but your budget–not so much right now. The Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League is a membership site which includes the $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework course with all the info you need to begin scaling your law firm business and increase your revenue by at least 30 to 45% in 12 months. If you only secure ONE additional client, membership in the League has paid for itself. Click the button below for more details and to sign up today.


Option 2

$1M+ Game Plan + Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Bundle

If you love the idea of being a member of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League to access the $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework course AND receive the support of a community of like-minded women law firm owners, BUT you feel like you need just a little something more..like a strategic law firm growth plan tailored specifically to your law firm and you, then the $1M+ Game Plan and Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Bundle is the plan you need plus the trainings and community you’ll love. 


Option 3

“I Want it All!” Bundle

If you know yourself well, and you know you are the kind of woman who wants #allthethings, then the “I Want it All!” Bundle is the obvious choice. Not only do you get 12-month’s access to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League PLUS the $1M+ Game Plan, a customized strategic growth plan tailored just to you and your law firm, you also get all the accountability, guidance and coaching you could ever need to scale your business to $1M and beyond. You go all in with us, and we go all in with you! Click the button for all the details.


I'm Davina Frederick

I’m an attorney, law firm growth strategist, and founder of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, LLC. Using the skills I developed in my decades-long career in professional services marketing, I built my own successful law firm straight out of law school. Now, after coaching other women law firm owners and teaching them how to scale to $1M or more in their law firm businesses, I’ve developed a system I would love to share with you.

If you are looking for help growing or managing a small law firm, I HIGHLY recommend Davina Frederick! Davina worked with me for 24 weeks, and we more than doubled (almost tripled) my firm’s revenue since before I started with her. She is very business savvy and knows how to help you over any roadblocks (whether they are your own mental roadblocks or obstacles thrown in your path). She helped me stay focused and on track to reach my goals. I recommend her without reservation.

She taught me how to work “on” my business instead of just “in” my business, daily, how to increase my referrals, and how to increase my conversion rate. We set weekly tactics for me to accomplish and she held me accountable. I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot of work, but the reward is worth it. The work is all YOURS to do, Davina gives you the tools you need to get it done. Weekly meetings helped me stay on track (since I tend to procrastinate with challenging tasks). She forces you out of your comfort zone, which is what I needed, because my comfort zone was not increasing my bottom line…(Source: Facebook)

Michele Lebron, Esq.

Lebron Law

What clients are saying…

“Davina is the truth. My business has grown exponentially since I began working with Davina. I had no systems, processes, staff…it’s a whole new world. Where I was once afraid of growth now I’m afraid of the possibilities.” (Source: Google Review).

Tara Brown, Esq.

Law Office of Tara Brown

“I have been working with Davina for about a year and a half and her guidance and advice has been truly transformational for my law practice and my own personal growth as an employer. Being a solo attorney does not always translate to acting as a CEO of your company, but with Davina’s help, I have exceeded the financial goals for my business, grown my team, taken control of my calendar, and continue to improve every day. Highly recommend!”
(Source: Google Review)

Pamela Martini, Esq.

Law Office of Pamela G. Martini

“Davina, I just wanted to tell you that every time I look at my travel fund, I feel rich. Thanks for giving me that piece of advice. I am down to one and a half CC in debt and planning to buy a house before the year is over. My numbers doubled from 2018 compared to this same time in 2019. Thanks for your guidance and for pushing me to grow and take risks.” (Source: Messenger).

Chavelys Alers, Esq.

Alers Law Firm

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