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Not only can you afford to invest in yourself as the CEO you are becoming and in your law firm business but, if you want to be successful, it is imperitive that you do. Whether you need a little support or a lot, we’ve got you covered with podcasts, books, trainings, coaching and community. Investment for these valuable resources start at just $20. Welcome to The Resource Vault! 

Law FIrm Marketing Book

The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Total Ease is the book you need if you have been confused by all the marketing options available to law firm owners. Before you hire a marketing consultant or company, read this book and create a strategic marketing plan.

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Law Firm Systems Book

The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Building a Systems-Driven Law Firm Business: 7 Essential Systems You Need to Take Back Your Time, Avoid Burnout, and Create Lasting Wealth is your complete guide to setting up systems in your law firm business–systems you need if you plan to scale your law firm to and thru $1M+ in gross annual revenue.

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