EVERY DAY I see and hear women law firm owners on social media, in online forums, and in person asking questions like:

  • “What systems should I put in place to get better organized in my practice?”
  • “Which team member should I hire (or fire) next?”
  • “What results have others had with [insert X lead generation service or marketing technique], and will it work for me?”

All the while, they seem to forget what they advise their own clients: Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. The facts of your specific case—and other factors—determine outcomes, and lawyerly answer is: “It depends.” There is no “one size fits all” in the law or in business.

You see, while the answers to those questions seem important, the growth of your law practice is about the process of you becoming the person you need to be in order to lead your firm. It’s never really about finding that one perfect tool, technique, or even team member that will finally make everything just right. Once you master one aspect of your business, it will evolve. You’ll grow and change, and so will your law firm. And then there will be new challenges, and other new experiences you’ll need and want to tackle on your journey to becoming. Which is where a trusted business advisor and coach comes into play.

There is not one top athlete, performer, celebrity, business leader, politician, or CEO, who has not surrounded themselves with professional advisors, coaches, mentors and counselors. The difference between people who rise to the top of their professional quickly and those who stay stagnant is that those who succeed invest in themselves on every level. Top-level performers know they simply cannot, will never, know everything they need to know, and therefore, they surround themselves with other professionals who will serve as wise counsel, people who will guide and mentor them and continually challenge them to expect more of themselves.

The goal of professional coaching is to help you achieve your goals faster, to maximize your time so you are getting the most out of your business and your life. A good coach helps you get clarity on exactly what it is you want and to stay focused even when other people’s priorities threaten to intrude.

Whatever your dream, I want you to know, it is possible to achieve. It starts with a commitment and investment in yourself. It starts with a promise to never give up. If I can help you turn your dreams of prosperity into reality, I would love to. If that sounds good to you, the following are ways we can work together to achieve your goals. Book a “right fit” call now to discuss all the options and decided which one is right for you.


The Practice Growth Blueprint

Nine out of 10 women law firm owners with whom I speak feel stressed and overwhelmed about their business. You think you need a system, a new team member, or a marketing campaign and that will fix everything. But all of that is noise—it just creates more overwhelm.

What you really need is a plan…a blueprint based on a well-considered strategy. Your blueprint will tell you what systems you truly need and how to create and implement them; the exact team members you need and when you need them; and what marketing will work best for you and your firm, generating a steady flow of ideal client leads, and so much more.

But without a blueprint you’re at the mercy of whatever emergency is screaming for your attention, rushing to put out fires instead of working with intentionality, and feeling calm and in control. That’s no way to live. Your Practice Growth Blueprint is your escape plan and into a world of greater influence, more significant impact, and increased personal income. Sound good? Click below to book a “right fit” call now.

If you are looking for help growing or managing a small law firm, I HIGHLY recommend Davina Frederick! Davina worked with me for 24 weeks, and we more than doubled (almost tripled) my firm’s revenue since before I started with her. She is very business savvy and knows how to help you over any roadblocks (whether they are your own mental roadblocks or obstacles thrown in your path). She helped me stay focused and on track to reach my goals. I recommend her without reservation.

She taught me how to work “on” my business instead of just “in” my business, daily, how to increase my referrals, and how to increase my conversion rate. We set weekly tactics for me to accomplish and she held me accountable. I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot of work, but the reward is worth it. The work is all YOURS to do, Davina gives you the tools you need to get it done. Weekly meetings helped me stay on track (since I tend to procrastinate with challenging tasks). She forces you out of your comfort zone, which is what I needed, because my comfort zone was not increasing my bottom line…

If you don’t do what she lays out, and you instead revert to your old habits (that weren’t working in the first place since that’s why you sought out help), then the program will not be successful for you. Her program is completely customized to the individual and the type of business because what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. If you’re comfortable with your monthly income then don’t waste your time. But, if you want more and if your eye is on a beachfront condo or a fancy, luxury car, Davina can help you get there.

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Michele Velez Lebron, Esq.

Lebron Law

The 90-Day Practice Growth Accelerator

Have you ever wasted hours creating a business plan only to shove it on a shelf or in a Dropbox, never to look at it again? Do you feel too busy buried in client work to set aside time to focus on growing your business? Do you feel like you are always working “in” your business, but never “on” your business? If only you had more time!

The 90-Day Practice Growth Accelerator program is designed to not only help you carve out the time you need, but also to help you finally make the changes in your business you desire so that you’ll feel more in control and ready to double–even triple–your revenue.

A short period of intense focus building a solid foundation for the next level of your success will allow you to make a quantum leap toward achieving your law firm growth goals–whether that is to cultivate the right team, implement and automate systems, get a handle on your finances so you feel comfortable making good business decisions, or create the best marketing campaign for you and your practice, one that generates ideal client leads on autopilot. If this sounds good to you, click below to book your “right fit” call now. 


Being your own boss can be extremely liberating and rewarding. It can also be very lonely, challenging, and scary. After leaving my career working for a firm, I decided it was time to start my own personal injury practice. At the beginning, the one thing I did know was that I loved practicing personal injury law. What I didn’t know was how difficult it was to practice personal injury law and manage a law firm at the same time. Without a solid infrastructure in place, I found myself putting out daily fires that were killing my energy and desire to continue practicing.

After a 1.5 years of constant ups and downs as a solo, I decided it was time to look outside myself for help. I knew I needed help, guidance, and support in taking charge of my law firm and my life as I had not been making any REAL progress forward on the business front and was struggling to maintain ANY type of work/life balance. That’s when I found Davina.

Hiring Davina as my coach was the best decision I made in 2019. I signed up for a three month coaching package and we got to work immediately. In three short months, Davina helped me accomplish the following tasks:

• I acquired a new office location.
• Hired decorators to furnish my new office location.
• Hired my first employee.
• Set up a personality/skills assessment to help with hiring new employees.
• Set up systems for my first employee and drafted a handbook so I can bring additional employees.
• Developed an organization chart which allowed me to create a blueprint for what I would like my firm to look like moving forward. I also developed work duties for each new position so the new employees knows what their role is moving forward.
• Set up a system for client communication (as clients used to BOMBARD me with phone calls, texts, emails.)
• Organized all of my previously disorganized files and my practice management system.
• Read two recommended books on practice management which helped tremendously.
• Cleaned up my bookkeeping & accounting.
• Hired a copywriter to re-write my website copy.
• Amongst others….

In addition to the many changes that came within those first three months, we have more changes coming in the pipeline. Not only does a course with Davina inspire action, the most important thing she will do is help you with your mindset. Now, with her help, I am:
• Learning how to make DECISIONS without being paralyzed by the amount of choices and information available;
• Learning how to DELEGATE as I cannot do it alone or all by myself.;
• Learning how to hold myself accountable;
• Learning to push past my limiting beliefs;
• Learning how to cultivate my brand; and
• Learning how to love being a business owner and to use this business as a tool for accomplishing my wildest dreams.

The reason I wrote this long review is because I thoroughly enjoy working with Davina and wanted you to know how she has helped turn this practice around. If you are struggling and are considering coaching with Davina, go ahead and take the leap. You won’t regret it!

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Cassidy Loutos, Esq.

Loutos Law

The 12-Month Practice Transformation Plan 

We conducted a poll of women law firm owners and asked them why they started their own law practice. Eight-five percent of them told me it was because they wanted more flexbility and time with their families. And, yet, most of them are working far more than they ever imagined they would work. While they love owning their firm, they struggle with burn out, exhaustion and feelings of overwhelm–mostly because they are trying to do everything themselves without the right teams or systems.

The 12-Month Practice Transformation Plan is for women law firm owners who want to build a successful, profitable and sustainable law business without sacrificing their lives to do it. This program helps you create the lifestyle you imagined you would have when you first dreamt of starting your practice, whether that’s more time, more flexibility, more money–or all three. It’s a total transformation of your law practice into a wealth-generating law firm, designed to support you, your family, and your chosen lifetyle.

During our time together, we’ll create a Practice Growth Blueprint with the exact steps you need to take, in the exact right order, to achieve your biggest goals. Then, we’ll work together over the course of a year to help you execute your custom, strategic plan, hold you accountable, and guide, advise and support you with 1:1 coaching and consulting. You’ll also enjoy live quarterly trainings to elevate your business skills, and a supportive community of other like-minded, driven women law firm owners.

Want to learn more? Click below to schedule your “right fit” call now.


Your Virtual CMO

Do you ever get frustrated and think to yourself: “I went to law school to become a lawyer, not a marketer!” You are not alone. It’s probably the number one frustration I hear from women law firm owners about their law practices. Although you know, as the CEO of your law firm, you still need to prioritize marketing and sales, because without clients, there would be no business, fitting rainmaking into your already packed schedule can feel overwhelming at times.

Still, no clients, no business. So what can you do?

Hire a virtual chief marketing officer to help you put together a team of professionals who will set up marketing campaigns and sales funnels so your firm attracts high-quality, ideal client leads all day, every day, 24/7.

If this sounds like something you’d love to have, then you might be ready for Your Virtual CMO, a program created for those law firm owners who’ve reached a point in their growth where they desire less DIY and more done-for-you. Book your “right fit” call now to discuss available options.

Laser Coaching and Strategy Session

Do you feel stuck struggling to resolve a particular issue in your law firm? Maybe you have to fire an employee, or you’re thinking about partnering with another attorney. Maybe you’re trying to decide on a specific marketing campaign. Or maybe you are just stressing out and feeling overwhelmed about your business and need to talk it through.

You’d talk to a spouse, but that would only worry him or her. Besides, they wouldn’t really understand, having never been in your shoes–a business owner with big plans. You’d talk with a colleague but you don’t want them to know the inner workings of your business. What you really want is professional advice from someone who has been there, done that.

The Laser Coaching and Strategy session is for those women law firm owners who need help resolving a specific issue that’s holding them back from moving forward in their business. It’s a paid, one-hour confidential conversation with Davina. Because, sometimes, you just need a brainstorming session, some good advice, and a resolution so you can continue to move forward.