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Wealth. Freedom. Joy.

You can have it all. You deserve to have it all. Claim it now.

More Wealth.

Do you want to be more successful? Do you wonder how other women law firm owners seem to be able to live a lavish lifestyle when you can’t? Do you wish you could finally figure it out once and for all?

If you are more-than-ready to achieve your prosperity goals, beginning with creating your own million-dollar, sustainable, wealth-generating law firm business, we can help. Our women law firm owner clients have been able to significantly increase their personal networth in just a few short years and begin living the lifestyle they truly desire with total ease.

More Freedom.

Are you exhausted and not sure how you are going to squeeze another minute into your already packed schedule? Do you think to get to a million in annual revenue, you’ll need to sacrifice even more of your precious time–time you would rather spend with family, friends and on your own self care? Is there a better way?

Trust me, there is. Our clients learn how to grow their law firms successfully and sustainably, without doing more work. You CAN enjoy time and resources to do more of what you love without overwork and overwhelm. Work when you want, where you want, and how you want.

More Joy.

Are you convinced creating a wealth-generating law firm is “hard work?” Are you worried that if you take on this challenge there’ll be no time for what you love. Do you really hate Mondays because it means you have to “deal with” people–like clients that don’t appreciate you, your team or your work (or worse, don’t want to pay!)

We hear you. We believe no amount of money is worth being miserable for the rest of your life. We teach our clients how to begin living your life with unadultrated, unfiltered and unabashed joy–not just in some far away future when you achieve all your goals, but now. Today. What good is money if you aren’t happy?

You’ve smashed your way through that six-figure glass ceiling, but the life you want still feels out of reach.




Years in law school and operating your own law firm have you more-than-ready to take on new challenges and embrace new opportunities. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, figuring it out as you’ve grown, but you know there is something MORE–and maybe a better way.

Whether you’ve dreamt of creating a 7-figure law firm, providing a first-class education for your children, becoming a leader in your community, or achieving the financial freedom and flexibility you deserve and desire…

Your mindset, marketing, systems and team–your everything– needs to be in strategic alignment with who you are becoming, not what’s in your bank account today. Once you are in complete alignment…

It begins to happen:

Your clients are awesome

You are seamlessly and easily attracting your ideals clients–clients who make you happy you became a lawyer.

Your team is rockin'

Your team is stacked with A+ employees and contractors who are excited to help you carry out your vision.

Your systems are smooth

Your systems are running smoothly and efficiently, and for the first time, you feel like you have the freedom to take time away from the office to refresh and renew your body and spirit.

Your family is thriving

Your children are attending the best schools or legacy universities. (Or you’ve finally paid off your own hefty student loans.)

You're living the dream

You’re living in your dream home, traveling the world and loving your life.

Your future is secure

You’re investing in your future financial security and freedom with ease and joy. You feel safe.

Is Wealthy Woman Lawyer® a ‘Right Fit’ for You?

There isn’t a single top athlete, performer, politician or CEO who has not surrounded themselves with expert advisors, coaches and mentors. They’ll likely tell you it’s their success secret.


We are fortunate to have helped hundreds of women lawyers on the same journey as you are right now. There is a life where you can create what you most desire without being on 24/7 for others (and stuck underneath your million-dollar milestone and mountains of stress).

All it takes it choosing your ‘right fit’ strategy and 7-figure firm support that works best for your needs and desires. We offer three ways to work with us  so we can help you achieve your business, financial and quality-of-life goals.

Want to know if you are a right fit to work with us? Answer these questions, and then pop down to the following sections or schedule a right fit call to see which program may work best for you, your firm and your goals.

Are you a woman law firm owner ?

We only work with women who own their own law firms. We believe all women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers–and that begins with owning your own million-dollar revenue-generating law firm.

Do you aspire to scale your law firm business?

Some people are perfectly satisfied right where they are. And that’s okay. However, we only work with women law firm owners who want to scale their law firms and create sustainable, wealth-generating businesses. Whether you desire a traditional law firm model or a non-traditional approach, we can help!

Do you aspire to increase your personal income?

While increasing revenue is the primary goal as we are focused on growing your law firm business, then reason it is the primary goal is because we want to put more money in your pocket! As the shareholder and CEO of your business, you deserve to be handsomely rewarded for all of your sacrifices and efforts in growing a successful, sustainable law firm. In addition to taking a reasonable salary as the Managing Attorney, you should also be able to reward yourself with a return on your investment in your business. If your goal is to take home more in personal income so you can invest for your future in other ventures, in the stock market, in real estate–what every you desire–then you need to be increasing your personal income well beyond where you are now. We can help you get there.

Do you want to reclaim your time?

There’s the myth out there that for women law firm owners to build million-dollar, or even multi-million-dollar businesses, they need to work themselves into the ground. You may be wondering: “How can I possibly fit one more thing in my already packed schedule?”

We show you how to not only make more money, but to do so without doing all the things! The goal is to create a life of more ease, joy and freedom NOT to increase your need to work 80 to 100 hours a week (unless you are a workaholic and that’s what you love to do). You get to choose what you want, and the more money you make, the more options you have. It’s as simple as that.

Are you coachable?

There are some people who aren’t open to new ideas and new approaches–people who’ve got it all figured out already. If that’s you, yay! We celebrate your success, and gently say “this community is likely not a good fit for you.”

If, however, you want guidance, support, recommendations and a community of like-minded women law firm owners to have your back, then we are excited to welcome you.

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your business?

We make no bones about it: You must be willing to invest not only your treasure, but your time and energy, if you want optimal results. We can only care about your success as much as you do. If you are not willing, ready and able to put some skin in the game, then this is not the place for you.

You know how much you hate working with the Google-warriors who think their internet searches and social media friends’ recommendations are the equivalent of your law degree and years of experience? We feel the same. We only work with those who value expertise and recognize that you may not know what you don’t know.

This program is about co-creating your success. We value your knowledge, expertise and experience. It’s our expectation you will feel the same about us. Working together, we will create the transformation you most desire.

Are you tired of the status quo?

If you are tired of the status quo and the stories in your head that have been holding you back from claiming all the success you desire, then now may be the time to begin re-writing those stories.

Life is always going to throw out curve balls. Other people, most especially the people we love the most, will always have demands on our time. Parents age, children grow, the laundry list of “things that need to be done today” is ever-present. If you are waiting for a “perfect time” or even a “right time” to invest in yourself and your business, you might be waiting forever.

We believe we make the time and invest our dollars in that which we prioritize. One look at your bankbook and your calendar and I can tell you what you are prioritizing now.

There is no perfect time, there is only what you choose to do now, today. If this is something you want, then we invite you to stop putting it off and start taking action. As you look back on this time, not only will you be grateful you invested in you, but the people who truly love you will support you as well.

Do you require permission?

CEOs make decisions daily–in fact, multiple times a day. As with anything else, the more decisions you make, the better you get at making them.

We only work with those who are ready and willing to make decisions for themselves and their businesses. If you are still waiting for permission to allow yourself to invest in the growth, sustainability and the success of your business, you likely are not yet ready to invest in coaching.

Too often, we see women business owners who are afraid to trust themselves enough to make decisions quickly. Instead, the make decisions by committee:

***The ask their spouse (who is not involved at all in their business otherwise) for permission to spend money on themselves even though they know in their heart they need something more, like more knowledge, more support, more encouragement.

***They ask their Facebook “friends”–people they don’t even know IRL but are willing to tell others what is right for them without knowing all the facts, much less the heart of a person.

***Or, they ask their friends, their employees, or even their children or parents.

You know what a camel is? A horse put together by a committee.

If you want to own and operate a million- or even multi-million-dollar revenue-generating business, you need to get comfortable being a leader, taking risks, stepping out of your comfort zone, and pushing the limits of what you already know. We encourage you to practice making decisions and make those decisions right for you regardless of the outcome.

Do you believe there are possibilities you've never even considered?

One of my favorite questions of all time comes from “Access Consciousness.” It is “What else is possible?”

I love this question because it creates so much expansion in the mind and in the Universe. There is so much in this world we have not even considered to be possible. In fact, there’s so much that isn’t even in our awareness for us to even know of it’s possibility–yet.

When we ask: “What else is possible?” We open ourselves up to create more and more capacity. Capacity for:

***Whatever we desire!

If you believe there is so much more that is possible for you in your life, then do not hesitate. Now is the time to ask for it and be willing to receive!

Our Approach

At Wealthy Woman Lawyer® our approach is simple:

We believe all women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers. Women lawyers are work so hard, and devote so much of their time serving others, to not also reap the benefits of their efforts. To that end, we provide a community, tools, trainings, expert guidance and support to help our clients create a wealth-generating law firm business, and a life of prosperty and joy they can truly enjoy.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Apply for a discovery call to discuss your particular growth goals, needs and challenges. We’ll ask you some questions, assess your situation, and then make recommendations. We start where you are and guide you toward the best path for the outcome you desire most. (Skip this step if you want to join the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League only.)


Choose a Coaching Plan

Once we’ve had an opportunity to get to know one another better to make the best recommendation for you and your particular needs, it’s your turn! You get to select the best approach for your current level of commitment; ability to invest time, treasure and energy; and how quickly you want to achieve results. You get to choose what you want!

Reach Your Goals

Regardless of the approach you choose, if apply your time and energy wisely, you will succeed in advancing your law firm growth and achieving your goals. The difference is only in the level of support your desire, how quickly you want to scale, and your willingness to challenge yourself. At every level, we are here for you!


Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Membership

  • Have you achieved low six-figures in annual revenue and now realize it’s not enough to get you where you want to be?

  • Do you desire an expertly guided learning experience where you can develop the business skills you need, while enjoying the support of a like-minded community of other women law firm owners on a similar journey?

  • Are you crunched for time and need a flexible way to learn what you need to know to get to a half-million dollars (your first stop on your way to a cool mil in annual revenue and higher profits)?

If that sounds like you, the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League may be the solution for which you’ve been searching. It includes access to:

$1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework Course designed to teach you everything you need to know to scale you law firm from attracting better clients, to leveraging your resources–like your time, team and systems, to developing that million-dollar mindset! On average, our coaching clients enjoy a 30 to 45% increase in annual revenue.

Membership in the League includes:

  • Our proprietary $1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework. In this 12-week course, we teach it all! Whether you need to learn how to attract better (and more) clients, raise your rates, prioritize your time, cultivate a top-talent team, set up systems that serve YOU and your clients, develop a wealth-building mindset, or learn to lead, we cover it here. Videos, audio (to listen on the go), workbooks and transcripts–everything you need to succeed.
  • Weekly Mastermind calls with your law firm growth strategist and a community of other, like-minded women law firm owners on the same journey to wealth and prosperity.
  • 12-month membership, with new modules, material and courses added throughout the year. (Learn at your own pace!)
  • Opportunity to schedule a 1:1, private Power-Hour coaching session to address your most pressing challenges. (Extra fees may apply. Not available to non-League members.).
  • Free PDF of my book, “The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take NOW to Attract Better Clients with Total Ease.”
  • Private community forum to network, connect and share resources with other women law firm owners.

Are you ready to feel fully supported and receive all the information you need to scale your law firm 30 to 40 percent in the next 12 months? If so, then we invite you to sign up for the League TODAY.


Join Now

More Details

What clients are saying about the League…

If you are a female law firm owner and want to grow beyond you just slaving away at your desk, hire Davina! She is fantastic and really creates a great safe space where female firm owners can really learn from one another and express some of the challenges unique to women. I learned a lot about my firm and myself as a person. You will not regret your decision to work with her.

Just wanted to say thank you for the Wealthy Women Lawyer League. I’m getting so much value from it!!

Nicola Robinson, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, SR Law Group

I highly recommend the Wealthy Woman Lawyer program for any law firm owner seeking to develop an understanding of the business side of firm management. I began the program during my second year of business to scale and hire employees. Through the class and weekly strategy calls, I have been able to hire an experienced full-time case manager, transition from flat fee to more lucrative payment structures, and spend my time on higher value tasks through delegation. I have seen an increase in firm revenue during our (traditionally) slowest quarter by implementing practical skills and a fundamental mind shift from ‘expense to investment.’ I now actively ask myself, “is this the highest and best use of my time.” Davina is a talented business coach, and she leverages her business and lawyer skills to help you get to 7 figures. Well worth it!

Angelik Edmonds, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights

I am very grateful the program is flexible. Honestly, for me, that was the push to sign up. The materials are valuable, and deserve focused attention, contemplation, for meaningful application. The women in the group are inspiring! Helped me realize I’m not thinking big enough, and that I can also make it happen!

Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Fernee Kelly Law

Thank you for being a mentor and coach with me on my journey to growing my law firm.
When I reached out to you about joining the Wealthy Woman Lawyer community I was at acritical point in my personal life and my career. My daughter was just diagnosed with autismspectrum disorder and given a long list of therapies to immediately enroll her in, along witheducational classes for myself and husband to participate in to help her in her journey. Likemany mothers, I had began to tell myself that once again I had to put my personal goals to theside which included growing my practice and begin to step into my new role as a mom of aspecial needs child. I had started looking at government jobs that may be more flexible withmy new lifestyle and new schedule… that’s how much I thought it was going to be impossible.

I am so glad you took my call and told me how the program would create systems and help mewith both growing my firm and opening my time to spend the needed time with child duringher therapies.
Once I began to implement some of your systems, I was able to grow myprofits, I am adding an associate, and I still have time to be at all of my daughter’s essentialtherapies.

I have a renewed energy and new hope in the possibilities that are in store for myfirm when just a year ago I was ready to take down my “shingle.
I am looking forward to working with you one on one in the future because I know that thereis so much more I can do. Both me and my daughter’s schedules are crazy but I am dedicatedto making sure that when I start the “one on one” coaching that I have allotted time toimplement all the suggestions you have to really see my firm grow.

SaKinna Thomas, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, SaKinna Thomas, Esq.


$1M+ Game Plan + Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Bundle

Do you want all the advantages of membership in the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League PLUS a custom strategic plan designed just for you and your practice to give you a BIG JUMPSTART on achieving your goals?

The $1M+ Game Plan + Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Bundle offers not only the opportunity to experience a mastermind program designed to teach you all you need to know to scale your law firm, but also the option to add a 1:1 VIP day experience with a law firm growth strategist who will help you craft your own custom, strategic business growth plan.

At the end of your two virtual VIP sessions, you’ll know EXACTLY what steps to take immediately to begin achieving your growth goals, and more importantly, the order in which to take them.

Attract better clients, leverage your resources–like your time, team and systems, and elevate your mindest to that of a CEO!

This is ideal for those who desire not only the tools, the trainings and a community, but also a personal game plan, built around your particular needs and challenges, to get you jump-started for success. It’s an investment with proven returns of 10x in as little as one year.


Apply Now

What clients are saying about the $1M+ Game Plan…

Since last we spoke, I have increased my hourly rate and really valued my time. I took the time to find the right fit in hiring. I have hired two new attorneys and have shared values. It’s formed a strong team. Thank you!

Katherine Mazaheri Franze, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Maraheri Law Firm

(Davina) immediately helped me streamline my goals and devise a realistic plan to achieve them. Her approach was always unique and effective. I value her insight and trust her advice implicitly.

Anila Rasul, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, ASR Law Firm


“I Want it All!” Bundle

  • Has your annual revenue already crossed that quarter-million or half-million dollar mark and now you are gunning for your million-dollar goals?


  • Do you feel like the money is good, but not enough to fund the lifestyle you truly desire, or enjoy true financial and time freedom?


  • Are you finally ready to cross the 7-Figure Finish Line–and the sooner the better?

(Or perhaps that first million is just the beginning for you and you’re ready for still more. More wealth. More freedom. More joy.)

If so, then the “I Want it All! Bundle is for you. This program is for women law firm owners who are determined to make their million and multi-million dollar dreams come true–STAT!

This is a high-touch, results-driven experience designed only for those who are ready to go big or not go at all. In the “I Want it All!” Bundle, we include:

  • Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League 12-month membership + $1M+ Framework course with workbook + weekly, guided masterminds calls with other women law firm owners.
  • $1M+ Game Plan. We work together over the course of two, virtual VIP sessions to create a custom law firm growth plan tailored to your particular goals and desires.
  • A full year of 1:1 private coaching with Davina and participation in a monthly mastermind call with other private clients.
  • Private community to network, engage and connect with other women law firm owners on a similar journey.
  • Autographed hard copy of my book, “The Wealthy Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age: 10 Bold Actions to Take NOW to Attract Your Ideal Client with Total Ease.”

This is an application-only, premier experience designed for those women law firm owners who are fully committed to making their million-dollar dreams come true. If you won’t settle for anything less than ALL of it, we invite you to apply today.

Apply Now

What clients are saying about Private 1:1 Coaching…

If you are a woman lawyer looking to grow your firm, HIRE DAVINA TODAY! Earlier this year, I took the leap of faith and hired Davina as my business coach. My only regret is that I waited so long! In just 6 months, my monthly revenue increased by over 250%. I have developed systems that work for me and my firm, and I am well on my way to a great work-life balance. I can’t say enough about how Davina’s guidance has helped me lay out a clear path to the career I really want.

Sara Jones, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Sara Jones Law, P.A.

Davina has facilitated growth in my firm in the last eight months in every single aspect of my practice. She has coached me to increase revenue, build a team, shift my mindset and obtain a new level of balance. She’s done all of this by holding me accountable and consistent, but the exponential growth has been with complete ease. Hire her. Do not hesitate.

Autumn Blackledge, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Autumn Beck Blackledge, P.L.L.C.

When you sign up with Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, you sign on to commitment of bettering yourself and your law firm. More importantly, Davina Frederick commits to helping you achieve your goals at a pace that is challenging and realistic. When you put in the work, Davina gives you tremendous insight and makes sure you see the results. I recommend Davina to anyone who is serious about getting assistance to grow their business.

Joycelyn Brown, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, IPS Legal Group, P.A.

I have been a member of WWL since October and I can honestly say this has been the most transformative period of my professional life. I am not the same business owner I was 6 months ago. My business is thriving, I’m constantly being challenged to think in new ways, and I’m excited about my practice. Davina brings immense value to the program and between her and other WWL’s, I feel inspired and confident. It’s a great program to move you beyond your comfort zone and into the realm of real possibilities for your business.

Elizabeth Franklin-Best, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I felt supported for the first time–like I had a business partner who had been to business school and had the keys and recipes for success. My revenue has increased, and now I have a solid system in place for growth. Thank you, Davina.

Crystal Hayes Fields, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, My Legal Team

I have been working with Davina for just over a year, and my results have been amazing! My business almost doubled in the first year, and I hope to double it again this year. She helped me focus on building the type of business I wanted, the way I wanted to do it, but she also pushes me in places where I need it.


Holly J. Draper, Esq.

CEO and Managing Partner, The Draper Law Firm, P.C.

Still Have Questions?

Not sure which program is the best for you or have a few unanswered questions you need answered to help you decide? Schedule a call with us now! We’re happy to help.

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