Coaching women law firm owners over the past eight years has taught me there really is a “success superpower.”

But what sets the financially and emotionally fulfilled law firm owners apart from the less successful?

In this episode, I share the one key that can put you on the fast track to success in your firm and in your life.

You’ll discover…

  • The truth behind the myth of perfectionism and how you can be wildly successful even when you’re in the “messy middle” of scaling your firm
  • Why systems, teams, time management, and hard work (although important) won’t take you to the “next level” unless you also employ this one simple tactic
  • What to add to your daily practice to achieve your most sought after goals
  • And much, much more!

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Davina Frederick: Hello and welcome to the Wealthy Woman Lawyer podcast. We believe all women lawyers deserve to be wealthy women lawyers. Our mission is to provide thought provoking, powerful and practical information to help you in creating your own sustainable wealth generating law firm without overwork or overwhelm so you can live your best life. I’m your host, Davina Frederick. Let’s get started. 

Hi, everyone. This is Davina Frederick, of Wealthy Woman Lawyer. We help women law firm owners scale their law firm business to and through a million dollars in annual revenue with total ease. Coaching women law firm owners during the past eight years has taught me there really is a secret to success. One thing in business that sets the highly successful apart from the less successful, some people will tell you it systems or teams or time management. And while all of those elements are important, particularly if you want to scale your law firm business to seven figures or more and make it sustainable and profitable. That is not what sets the financially and emotionally fulfilled apart from others. 

I’ve met many women law firm owners who were successful, even while in what I call the messy middle of growing their business. Some didn’t yet have fully fleshed out systems with everything running like clockwork. Others spent way more time than they ever expected, cultivating their team of A plus employees. Still others weren’t always the best managers of time with everything in perfect balance all day every day. In fact, some days, weeks or even months, their business or businesses required most of their attention. Sometimes they needed to take a break from work all together to tend to their relationships, their families, or even themselves, or especially themselves. 

Because here’s the truth. Perfection in your business or your life for that matter likely will never exist. The human experience is just not set up that way. It’s set up to be full of contrast, as well as receiving what we want. The most successful entrepreneurs and law firm owners I know set themselves apart, not because of relentless hard work. So they’re not like car engines with the accelerator stuck to the floor 24/7 revving until they’re burned out. They set themselves apart because they choose to do one thing daily and sometimes multiple times a day. And that is control their own minds. 

Now I’m not talking about mind control the way many of us may think about it, like being brainwashed by a cult leader or a hypnotist or something. I’m talking about the ability, the willingness and the desire to always bring yourself back to where you need and want to be by being more intentional in the thoughts you allow yourself to think. Those who struggled to succeed do so because they fail to understand the importance of being intentional in their thinking. They believe every feeling is real and should be headed and given into. As my friend and client, successful law firm owner Sarah Jones likes to say feelings are not facts. 

She and I often discuss how feelings while important, are fleeting. They’re like clouds moving across a sky and you are the sky. While our feelings often serve as our ability to change how we feel, by intentionally choosing new thoughts, is where our real superpower lies. Feelings can guide us and help us realize when we may be in or out of alignment. And it’s the ability to intentionally shift our thoughts and consequently our feelings to what is most wanted. That makes us more successful in achieving our most desired goals. The most successful and satisfied people I’ve met are so because they choose thoughts like I am undeterred. I’m a powerful creator.

I get to choose how I want to feel of what I want to think. I choose joy today. I choose to ask for the help I desire. I choose this journey I’m on. I get to experience all the facets of owning and growing this business. I choose tenacity today. I choose persistence. I choose growth because it’s my purpose. I get to choose rest today. And choose prosperity because it is my birthright, no matter what the circumstance to which I was born. I choose to leave. I choose to stay. I choose to say no and sometimes yes. I choose to forgive myself. I choose to let go of what no longer serves me. I choose a new money story. I choose to see all that is possible. I choose love every day. Love of myself, my blessings, and other people on the journey with me, even those who rejoice in my failure, because they probably need love the most. 

Now, it’s not always easy to let go of obsessive negative thoughts. Certainly, some face more challenges than others to manage their thoughts and consequently, their feelings. Everyone at some time or another will really struggle with this concept of the power to control your own mind. It’s all part of human experience. However, the longer we practice, the better we become at pulling ourselves out of dark places that no longer serve us or our higher purpose. 

As we head into this Thanksgiving weekend here in the United States, many of us will be reflecting on all that for which we are thankful. I certainly will be, especially after the challenges of the past few years. One thing I’m most grateful for is my ability to choose my thoughts, my outlook on life and my attitude. It makes all the difference in a life well lived and a life well loved. I want you to know today how much it means to me that you are part of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer community, and grateful daily for your contribution to my life. And I hope you enjoyed listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Enjoy your day.