Ever have one of those days? Or weeks? Or even months?

Seems like more than a few business owners were struggling through this first quarter, at least based on the social buzz in my feed and the conversations lighting up my Messenger messages. And not just in business, but in personal lives, as well. As we know, when you are a solo or small firm owner, personal struggles can create a huge impact on your small business.

I’ve heard bad business blamed on the moon, Mercury retrograde, the New Year and, of course, the favorite catch-alls: “other people,” “money,” and “timing.” But, if you are like me, you’ve got planes to catch and bills to pay regardless of what the moon is up to. If that’s the case, then you can’t afford to give into funky feelings for very long, certainly not so long that it derails you from running your business like a BOSS.

So, what do you do when it feels like everything is going to hell in a handbasket and the world is just not turning in your favor?

Here’s what’s worked for me:

1. Get grateful. I know it’s hard sometimes to feel grateful when what you really feel is scared, or envious, or exhausted, but trust me on this. Gratitude is the one thing that will pull you out of all of it faster than anything else. It will help you shift your emotional state so that you feel more energetic, and even joyful. Start small if you have to, but start. Every day—several times a day if you need it—make a list of that for which you are grateful. Keep a running list. Add to it. You’ll be amazed how long your list will be after just a few days, and how much lighter you’ll feel.

2. Get in touch with thyself. Meditate, walk in the woods, eat good food, hang out with friends who make you laugh. Remember that you are a human being, not just a human doing. I know this sounds a bit woo-woo, but the urge when you are feeling fearful and panicked is either going to be to whip yourself into a frenzy or to close yourself off—both of those behaviors are only going to prolong the “stuckness.” Instead, trying nurturing yourself, filling up with love, and trusting that the Universe has your back. If your way is working for you, then keep doing that. If it’s not, what have you got to lose to try this?

3. Get creative. Now that you have gotten your mind and spirit in the right place, you are in the best place to get creative! Use mind maps and visualization to let ideas flow freely. This big. What are your big dreams? What have you not considered? What else is possible? What have you not thought about in a while? What do you want your business to look like in three years? Five years? 10 Years? What is the gross revenue you want to create this year? What would your business look like if you doubled that figure? What if you doubled it again? What team would you need in place to create a business to support that number? I’ll bet it’s nowhere near the team you currently have! Create an org chart for the dream team you’ll want to help you grow your dream business! Have fun with it. Now, see how much more excited you feel about your

business? Once you done that, it’s easy to see what you first next step needs to be.

4. Get support. If you are feeling stuck and frustrated, on the edge of something big, but you just can’t seem to break through, it may be time to ask for help. In fact, I’ll go on a limb and say it IS time for you to ask for help. Every high-achiever is coached, mentored and guided. Every CEO has expert advisors. If that’s what you want—to transform from a solo to the CEO of a high-impact, high-revenue-generating practice—you’ll need a team of advisors, too. If you want to schedule a conversation with me to see if we are a good fit, you can do that here.

5. Get focused. If you are clear that what you want is a business that is profitable enough to support the lifestyle you desire, then it’s time to get laser-focused on your goals–to choose clarity over distraction, focus over frenzy, and accountability over aimlessness.

If you’ve been struggling over the past few weeks or months, know that you are not alone. I’ve spoken with many solos who’ve been feeling the same way.

Here’s the really good news: It is not uncommon at all to experience a breakdown before a breakthrough. It’s the Universe’s way of helping us clear out what no longer serves us so we can be prepared for new, exciting possibilities. It’s called growth. And while it may be painful and challenging, if we don’t let it stop us, but instead, choose to #persist, we will be rewarded on the other side with insight, wisdom, and all that our hearts desire.